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The Codey Fund for Mental Health was established in 2012 by Governor Richard and Mary Jo Codey. The organization was founded on the beliefs that access to comprehensive care and quality treatment for individuals with mental illness is a right, and that the stigma associated with mental illness is the single biggest barrier between the people suffering with mental health disorders and the treatment that can change their lives.

Who we support

The Codey Fund supports 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofits organizations and programs in the New Jersey area that:

  • Raise public awareness of mental health issues
  • Work to overcome stigma, stereotyping and discrimination
  • Advance mental health education for at-risk youth, mothers with post-partum depression, the homeless and patients in psychiatric hospitals
  • Promote effective mental health treatment and sustainable recovery programs


Applications are accepted year-round, and grant decisions will be made by Codey Fund’s Board of Directors. Due to a high number of applications, The Codey Fund cannot guarantee that all applications will be considered by the Board at the first meeting after the application is received.


To apply for Codey Fund for Mental Health funding download grant application form. Questions about our grant making process can be directed to

Codey Fund for Mental Health Grant Application

Completed Applications should be sent to:

The Codey Fund for Mental Health
300 Executive Drive, Suite 360
West Orange, NJ 07052