Our Mission

15264673_mlOur mission is to ensure that compassionate, quality mental healthcare is accessible to everyone and that the stigma associated with mental illness is overcome through public awareness and education.

We look to a future where:

  • Mental illness is no longer a source of shame or embarrassment
  • Accurate information with regard to mental illness is widely available
  • Adequate resources are available to promote mental health
  • People living with mental illness are treated with dignity and respect

Despite major accomplishments and the progress achieved, New Jersey must still overcome significant challenges before it can reach the goal of making quality mental health care available to all those who need it. We are convinced that we can, and must, do better.

The Codey Fund is committed to finding the will and the means to putting aside fear, blame, punishment and exclusion of individuals with mental illnesses and offering instead compassion, support, hope and inclusion. We hope you will join us.